Basidiomycetes: Marasmius cohaerens


Basidiomycetes, also known as “club fungi”, are a type of species of mushrooms. Most mushrooms belong to this group. Basidiomycetes account for 1/3 of all identified fungi. Many mushrooms in this group are poisonous, especially the species of Amanitas. Basidiomycetes produce sexually and asexually. Also, the largest single living organism as of 2000 belongs to Basidiomycetes.

This species of basidiomycetes, Marasmius cohaerens, is found in areas of North America and Europe. Its edibility is unknown. This sprcies is known to grow on wood and has white, cream, or yellowish spores. As you can see, Marasmius cohaerens is a brownish-red species that has a stem longer than the diameter of the convex or shield-looking mushroom cap.


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