Animal that has a Segmented Body

Animal that has a Segmented Body

Right next to the bush is something bright and orange. The bright orange something is no flower or leaf. It is our firend the butterfly. The butterfly’s body can be divided into three sections, the head, thorax, and abdomen. Many bugs have a three segement body plan, but the function changes slightly from bug to bug, so we are going to talk specifically about the butterfly. The head of the butterfly has the eyes, the proboscis, and the antenna. The eyes are used for sight, however these are different from our eyes. The proboscis is sot of like a combination of a tongue and mouth. It uses the proboscis to drink nectar from flowers. The antennas is used to ‘sniff’ the air around them, to find pheromones. These pheromones are used to track other butterflies. The thorax has the wings and legs attached to it. The wings are the bright orange things speciffically used to fly. The three pairs of legs that the butterfly has are used to walk on leaves, flowers, or car windshields. The abdomen is made up of digestive organs, reproductive organs, and waste releasing organs. The digestive organs are used to digest all the food that the butterfly eats. The reproductive organs are used to create little baby caterpillars. The Waste releasing organs are used to release all the waste that was in the butterfly, but the butterfly doesn’t want.


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