Organisms In Different Kingdoms: Fungi

This photo shows a box of mushrooms. Mushrooms are from the phylum Basidiomycota and belong to the kingdom Fungi. Fungi are eukaryotic (made up of cells with a nucleus and other enclosed organelles), heterotrophic (feed off of other organic material, unlike organisms of kingdom plantae) and non-vascular. They store energy in the form of glycogen, like animals. Unlike animals, fungi consume organic matter through means of digestion and then ingestion. They reproduce through means of spores and due to this, have an alternation of generations. The main decomposers in  ecosystems are usually fungi, but not all fungi are decomposers. Decomposers are organisms that feed off of other dead or decaying organisms. An example of an organism in the kingdom Fungi that is a decomposer is the portabella mushroom.


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