The Hot Zone: Part 3

So…let’s get the whole background story of every member that Preston will possibly end up describing the death of. Possibly.

I’ve basically concluded that Preston gives it his everything to make the readers squirm uncomfortably in their seats. Forget vividly describing the monkey house, he should have just drawn us all a picture. Why mildly freak out the readers when you can just creep the daylight out of them? While on the topic of daylight, I would suggest anyone with the mentality to willfully want to read this book to do it during the day. Typically when reading or watching something before I go to sleep, I have a dream (in this case, nightmare) about the aforementioned. Unless you want to have an unpleasant encounter with a Level 4 virus in some far off dreamy soon-to-be slaughter house of monkeys, then I’d stay away from this novel during the later hours. But that may just be me; I mean, perhaps some people like life-threatening experiences with microscopic organisms that kill of 9/10 people.

We then move on to the trip to the monkey house. Roughly, the idea of this monkey house is that of a typical horror film. You’ve done it again, Preston! Bravo. So before the anticipated mayhem even begins, we’re already like “oh god no”. Thankfully, all is well when we find out that this particular strand does not affect humans although it is airborne and easily spread. I think it’s safe to say that we all sat a little farther back in our chairs, in relief.

Too bad Nancy’s dad is dead. Give them a break. Nancy almost gets her little boo boo infected with the Ebola virus but apparently that strand wasn’t airborne, or maybe she was just lucky. So the daughter has received mercy from this deadly virus; that MUST mean that something bad in return needs to happen. Something along the lines of her father’s death. Reasonable.

I learned that those lab-safety videos we watched weren’t for the purpose of laughing at the goofy glasses or the common sense deprived actions of the actors. Preston goes to show that all these precautions are done for a reason; ESPECIALLY in the presence of a Level 4 killer-virus. I also learned that when dealing with these blown up monkey houses infected with the cousin of the deadly Ebola virus, accuracy and thoroughness are vital. Vital meaning…well, essential for you to get out of there not infected with a virus that has a possible kill rate of 90%. People tend not to want that.

All in all, I think that this section of the book pretty much cleared up all my questions that I had in the previous parts, although I could do without the level gory descriptions.


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