Organisms of different kingdoms: Protista

Organisms of different kingdoms: Protista

Protista live mainly in aquatic environments, or moist wet areas. Such as ponds, lakes, oceans and damp places. Protista are unicellular organisms, this means that they only have one cell. This characteristic makes Protista unique therefore not being able to categorize them in any other phyla. Therefore Protista have its own kingdom, these organisms are animal like and ingest its food by phagocytosis. They are fairly motile and have their own methods of moving around in an ecosystem. Most commonly Protista are grouped into 3 different categories, Protozoa, Algae, and Fungus like Protista. These organisms are microscopic, because of this taking a picture is not possible without the use of a microscope. But the image shown shows the ecosystem and environments that Protista can be found. In this body of water there are hundreds and thousands of different Protista.


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