The Hot Zone Part Three

The third part The Hot Zone was not as interesting to me as was part one or two. The novel covered the preparation before entering the monkey house and also the process of the army putting down the monkeys, infected or not. Part three of was mostly informational, discussing what happened during the events. One of the more interesting parts of it was when Milton Frantig ran out of the building, collapsed, and vomited, because what else could a sick man running from an Ebola infested building mean? Another thing I found interesting was when Jerry Jaax sees Dan Dalgard in the building with only a respirator on, and how Jerry thought that Dan was a total idiot.
I learned a lot of things in the third part of The Hot Zone. I learned about what a Racal suit is, how much preparation is needed to be done and set up before you can entire a hot zone, what a bubble stretcher was, and also how a decon team cleans up a contaminated area. When a decon team was cleaning the monkey house, they first had to scrub everything with bleach because of all the waste everywhere. After that they taped everything shut so nothing could get in or out of the building. Then they put down Sunbeam electric frying pans then put something that resembled crystallized formaldehyde, and when it was boiled, it released the formaldehyde gas, killing off anything that was living.
I want to know that if the army told Dan about Ebola being inside the monkey house, why didn’t he research about it and see that just a respirator wouldn’t protect him from what was lingering in the monkey house. Also, I want to know if Ebola Zaire and Ebola Reston are so similar, why doesn’t Ebola Reston affect humans?


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