The Hot Zone (Part 3) Post

This book never fails to interest me! Once they truly figured out  the virus in the monkey house was Ebola, I  panicked a little. As they prepared to go inside the monkey house to kill the monkeys, it amazed me at how quiet the operation was being kept. It seemed like they had it all under control until the inevitable happen: one of the monkey caretakers, Milton Frantig, was vomiting. This caused me to worry since I didn’t know if Ebola would cause the others involved in the mission to get sick or even die. As the mission continued, the way they again went inside the monkey house to kill more monkeys was so intense. How the members of the operation were yelling at one another telling each other which type of medication to use in order to kill the monkeys and how they always had to make sure there was not a rip in their suits made me feel like I was part of the action. As I read on, I was shocked to read that a monkey had escaped! When they had tried to catch the escaped monkey the first time, he had jumped 12 feet!! What surprised me more was how, once they learned that this monkey was very smart and hard to catch, they let the monkey roam free around the house for a while. If I were a part of this team, I would have focused a bit more time to catch this monkey right then and there. One of the most interesting things I’ve learned in reading this book was that the strain of Ebola they had found in Reston was unlike any other. The fact that it had it’s own name, Ebola Reston, showed me how smart this virus was. It was able to adapt and modify itself in order to grow and prosper in Reston. I can not wait to finish this book and see what happens in part 4! 


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