Homeostasis: My mother experiencing Goosebumps

Homeostasis is the process of maintaining the stability of an organism’s internal environment even when the external conditions surrounding the organism are constantly changing. My mother, as shown above, is demonstrating the remarkable work of homeostasis at hand. During the winter months, temperatures can plummet from the 70s to the 40s overnight. Although it is not yet winter, humans may feel a bit chilly within a car, a department store or even within their own homes. In order to maintain internal stability, the human body begins to involuntarily shiver and produce goose bumps. Shivering allows for some muscle contractions, producing heat that helps keep the body at the constant and comfortable temperature of 98.6 degrees farenheit. Goosebumps are a a byproduct of erector pili muscles within the epidermis raising the hair on the human body, trying to insulate the body by trapping a layer of warm air against the skin. However, this mechanism is not to effective due to the fact that not much bodily hair inhabits the surface of the human body.


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