Hermaphrodite: Jellyfish


In the photograph above, numerous jellyfish explore the inside of an aquarium tank (The green tint is from a light that changes color periodically in the tank). Jellyfish are commonly known as a hermaphroditic species. Hermaphrodites are organisms that typically possess the reproductive organs of both the male and female sexes. These hermaphroditic species do not have a defined male and female character. During sexual reproduction, the hermaphroditic organisms can act as either the male or female during the process. Commonly known hermaphrodites are certain species of fish, some snails, most plants, and many more. In zoology, some scientists and researchers also define a hermaphrodite as a species that is born to one sex but later on in life, transforms to another sex. Again, this is common in many species of fish. This definition varies from organisms that carry both male and female gonads. 

-Jude Alawa


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