Lipids used for energy storage

Lipids used for energy storage

This devishly handsome young man looks in shape at the time of this picture, but it wouldn’t be too hard for him to get fat. Many people ask what fat is. Fat is made of adipose tissue, which are made up of adipose cells. Those adipose cells have special lipids that are used for energy storage. These energy storage lipids are called triglycerides. A triglyceride is made up of three fatty acids that have formed an ester bond with a glycerol compound. The triglyceride can either be saturated or unsaturated. A saturated triglyceride has only single bonds in the fatty acids. These single bonds make them stiff. A saturated triglyceride is also called fat. An unsaturated triglyceride is when the fatty acids don’t only contain single bonds. The double and triple bonds that take the place of the single bonds makes the triglyceride looser. These unsaturated triglycerides are called oils.


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