The Hot Zone pgs 73 – 180

     I find this book very interesting and I like how it keeps switching stories and that all the stories are related. The book goes on to the Ebola virus. The Ebola virus is of the same family as Marburg. Ebola is very lethal and very contagious. The story moves on from Monnet and Dr. Musoke to Nancy Jaax. Nancy Jaax researched Ebola. She gets exposed to Ebola and somehow doesn’t get it. After Nancy’s incident at the same biohazard facility they find out that Ebola can travel through the air. The tiny blood particles in the air are enough to spread the virus. Gene Johnson, a researcher realizes that the home of Ebola and Marburg is Kitum cave. A group of researchers go to Mount Elgon, where Kitum Cave is. They use test animals to try to find the virus. They fail though and don’t find it.

    The book continues on its interesting plot line. I learned that in the field to find viruses like Ebola in their home researchers use sentinel animals, “like canaries in a coal mine”. I also learned that viruses have host animals.

     I want to know why some people wouldn’t die from Ebola and I want to know why it is so important to find where the virus originates from.

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