Hot Zone section 3 (late due to lack on internet on a trip.)

I was pleased to find some closure regarding the Reston scare in section 3 of The Hot Zone. It a was fast-paced, action-packed section that kept me reading to find out the results of the army’s mission into the monkey house. Events like a monkey getting loose and Biohazard suits being torn kept me intrigued. 
The precautionary details involved in nuking out the monkey house were overwhelming to consider. So many things could be a risk, such as having two doors open at once. I was also interested in how well the mission was kept from the public, for example workers had to arrive in normal clothes and enter through the side of the building. I forgot to take into account that not only are these people dealing with a level 4 hot agent, the monkeys also pose a threat. What a dangerous situation. I was shocked at descriptions on page 300 of bodies simply disintegrating from this virus. Each story like that of the virus makes it more and more surreal that it actually exists in this world. 
I am still curious as to how such a harmful disease to monkeys, primates, could not do any damage to humans. I was shocked when we learned some monkey house workers did have the virus, they just weren’t dying from it. I also wonder why they even reopened the Reston Monkey House as soon as they did after the first outbreak. No surprise there was a second outbreak! Lastly, I like that the author included pictures of the virus at the end of the section. 


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