The Hot Zone (Part 4) Post

Wow! I can’t believe I finished this amazing book already. As I started reading part four, I noticed that the point of view had shifted to first person. I was surprised to realize that it stayed that way through all of part 4. With this shift though, it made part 4 feel more personal and fascinating to read.  As I read that the author was on his way to Kitum Cave, I wondered, along with the author, why the HIV virus was not named after the Kinshasha Highway; where the virus was first passed. I imagined that the government would rather keep it a secret that the virus had gotten to people along a highway that was close to the famous Mount Elgon. As the author continued describing his adventure, I also learned how different, yet very strong Marburg was. It had been tested and proved that  5-day-old Marburg-virus particles are still as lethal as fresh Marburg particles. This was frightening news since most viruses can not last barely a day without a host. As part four continued, it was interesting to read about how people had hypothesized that elephants had carved out the cave of Mount Elgon. The author proved this theory but checking out the cave himself and describing distinct elephant trunk carvings in the cave. As the author got deeper into the cave and found spiders and their nests, it made me wonder how life can still be producing in such a hot zone. The last couple pages of part four frightened me but still intrigued me by the author’s thoughts. When he went to check out an abandoned monkey house and saw new life forming inside this Level 4 biohazard area, it made me think about how the Ebola virus is still out there and can arise in any part of the world at anytime. With this thought in mind, I hope that, whenever this virus reappears, it is caught in the early stages and contained as quick as possible!! I loved reading The Hot Zone and all the knowledge I acquired from reading it! 


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