Survival of the Sickest: Chapter 1 and 2

What did you think about the reading:

Truthfully, I was very disappointed at first when I was assigned this book and not the Hot Zone. Now, I’m so glad this is the book I got to read. It has been so interesting and intriguing that I have not been able to put it down. After reading only a few pages, I already knew a ton of cool facts and information on what is out there in this world. What a great book to read and enjoy! I mean, I never understood really what is out there in this world, but now I can say it do. What I thought was very cool was the fact that everything has a reason and it truly makes sense. I love how it was written, and it kept me guessing what I would run in to on the next page! I guess you never can judge a book by….it’s cover? Yeah, thats how it goes!

What did you learn:

Hmmm..what did I learn? After reading the first 2 chapters, I was sort of thinking to myself what didn’t I learn! Chapter 1 and 2 were so packed in with information and facts, but I was so intrigued! I learned several things about genetic diseases such as hemochromatosis, and that your ancestry could be the reason you have a genetic disorder. I’ll start out by saying no matter what disease it is, there is always a reason it is around. Some diseases are even beneficial to you and harmful at the same time! Come on, does that even make sense? Hemochromatosis, where the body thinks it has a deficient amount of iron, killed many people, but also protected them from the bubonic plague! The funny, or not so funny part is that hemochromatosis would eventually kill you from iron overload, except that it made you immune to small illnesses like the bubonic plague. Another interesting thing I learned are some of the odd ways they used to try and cure people, such as blood letting. In chapter 2, I learned a lot about diabetes and the types. I understood how it evolved and what conditions people would benefit in. For example, brown fat was beneficial in some cases, but in others it may be harmful. It took to start reading this book how much there is in science that is connected, and I was able to see why diseases exist and act in those ways!

What questions do you still have?

I have a couple questions that I do not think can be answered. Why do any of these diseases have to be present in the first place? I understand that they evolved for a reason, but if all of them were gone and destroyed, everyone would live healthy and not have to worry! Also, how could one disease protect you from another harmful disease, but then still kill you? To me, it’s like a double negative! My last question is fairly simple. Are we right about all of this? It just seems so complex that I don’t understand how it is figured out! I mean there must be a ridiculous amount of things that we don’t know!

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