Batesian Mimicry

This picture is of a Cornsnake (Elaphe guttata guttata). This non-venomous and docile snake has a very vivid color combination and pattern travelling the length of its body. This snake is an example of Batesian mimicry because it strongly resembles the Copperhead snake, which is venomous. Batesian mimicry is when a harmless or non-venomous animal tries to look like and mimics another (venomous) animal in order to scare off predators. This mimicry is an evolutionary adaption because it helps the harmless species survive by making its predators afraid to eat it. A common example of Batesian mimicry is the Eastern Coral Snake and the Scarlet King Snake that have the same colors (red, black, and yellow) except that one is venomous and the other is not.Image


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