Biological Magnification: From Weed Killer to Restaurant-Style Beef Tortellini Pasta


Biological Magnification,a process where retained substances become more concentrated at each higher trophic level in a food chain, is shown in the picture. The pictures provides an example of how we are unaware of the viability food has on organisms. For example, studies shows that the more injections of hormones into chickens correlate with the growing number of cancer patients. In the first picture there is weed killer, a pesticide, that some farmers use to provide their produce’s needs. when the weed killer is sprayed onto the grass, harmful toxins concentrate on the grass. This intensifies when cows eat the infected grass. Then when the cows are slaughtered and turned into beef it intensifies when we swallow it. The concentration of toxins grows as the producers are eaten by primary consumers, then secondary consumers, then tertiary, and even quaternary consumers. Poisons and toxins are metabolized in fat lipids such as the oil in plants and fat in animals. As time goes on, we are face with different dilemmas that may harm our health. However, there always seems to be a solution. With the hype created by biological magnification, and other micro-sized problems such as viruses or diseases, farmers turn to a more natural alternative to farming because of the exponential demand for organic produce.

In order to see the ID on the second picture, click on it.


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