The endosperm is a tissue within the seed of an angiosperm. Both the embryo and the endosperm come from the same central cell. Located in the ovule, the central cell divides into four haploid spores. Generally only one of these spores survives. The remaining spore grows in  size and divides mitotically. The result is a multicellular embryo sac containing the egg and a central cell with two nuclei. The central cell is fertilized by two sperm cells, a process known as double fertilization. If the egg has also been fertilized, the endosperm will develop. The endosperm functions in food storage, providing the embryo with the necessary nutrients until it can support itself. Corn kernels, like the ones pictured above, have a large endosperm. When the corn seed germinates, the embryonic leaf absorbs the nutrients from the endosperm.


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