Homeostasis is the idea that animals maintain their internal stability by adjusting to their continuously changing environment. Homeostasis is extremely important to survival; an animal needs to regulate internal conditions such as water and salt balance as well as body heat. While there are always some fluctuations within the internal environment, there is generally a very small range of change. Comparatively, the external environment is often subject to large changes, such as the different conditions during different seasons. Without homeostasis, animals would likely freeze in the winter or overheat in the summer. Animals have many ways in which to achieve homeostasis. For example, the husky pup pictured above will pant to maintain homeostasis. Blood in the dog’s tongue and nose is cooled off by the incoming air. This cooler blood then circulates throughout the entire body, which helps the dog beat the heat. In addition, the evaporation of saliva and moisture on the dog’s breath also cools down the hot dog.


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