Survival of the Sickest: Part 4

Overall, this book definitely ranks in my top 10. It revealed things that I didnt even know about, mostly because I just accepted what I thought was fact. This book redefined the statement ‘diseases are bad’ Turns out, several diseases actually can help. This revelation alone makes the book worth reading.


These chapters gave me a new view on Nature v. Nurture. Mainly that nature has a much, much wider influence on human characteristics. Through DNA methylation, a mother has a higher influence on her offspring because she can influence their genetic code while she is pregnant. This influence even continues after birth during mother-child interaction. A truly startling fact was about how a mother’s body controlled female/male percentage in a population during times of crisis. This is mainly because males are more demanding of their mother after birth.


My only questions are about what other diseases does this pertain to that were not mentioned? I keep wanting use this new knowledge to try to figure out if other diseases are affected.


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