The Hot Zone: Part Four Impression

The Hot Zone was a great novel full of excitement, horror, and suspense. I enjoyed the plot thoroughly. Out of all the parts of the novel, Part Four seemed dull at first. However, once the narrator gathered the courage and power to enter the cave at Mount Elgon called Kitum Cave, the novel became very exciting again. The narrator gathers his supplies including disinfectant and space suits in attempt to come face-to-face with one of the deadliest viruses, Ebola. At this point in the novel, the reader already knows so much about the virus. Therefore, when hearing that this man is just going to attempt to come into contact with the virus seems quite crazy. In addition, he plans on going to see the virus in an uncontrolled environment crawling with uncertainties. 

Accompanied by the Macdonald’s, the narrator ventures into the cave. I found the way he described the inside of the cave to be really fascinating. He formulates ideas as to how the cave was formed and the such. In addition, he describes all the different animals that have come in and out of the cave. From this, the reader can infer that monkeys may not be the only animals that host Ebola virus since the virus is suspected to live in the bearings of Kitum Cave. Furthermore, while in the cave, the narrator actually scrapes his head on the top of a rock. He has been exposed. If the book had not ended, I would want to know if the narrator ever passed away. In addition, I would want to know if they ever found some sort of cure or suppressor for the symptoms of the virus. It seems eerie that the virus lives in Kitum Cave since rain forests are usually the home to contagious and deadly diseases. Anyways, I really enjoyed the novel. I learned a lot of new information about how agencies deal with viruses, how viruses host and spread, where viruses hide, and much more. 

-Jude Alawa

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