Asexual reproduction

Asexual reproduction

There are two types of reproduction: Asexual reproduction and seual reproduction. Sexual reproduction occurs when two diiferent haploid set of chromosomes come together to mke a diploid set of chromosomes. This happens in almost all life, and is the only way of reproduction for many complex organisms. Asexual reproduction occurs when a single set of chromosomes copies itself and makes a clone of the original. Now that i have explained what reproduction is I can explain why I have chosen this picture to represent asexual reproduction. There is life in this picture, and although you might not be able to see any life does not mean there is no life there. Bacterial life exists there. Bacterial life exists practivally everyewhere! So how are bacterial life and asexual reproduction similar, you might wonder. Asexual reproduction is the only method of reproduction for bacteria. Bacteria use binary fission, which is a simple process where after the DNA is duplicate the cell elongates until it reaches twice the size it was oriinally. From there the cell wall pinches the middle until the two bacteria are completely sperated. So are bacteria the only ones that use asexual reproduction? Actually, all organisms use asexual reproduction, just in different ways. The bacteria used asexual reproduction to produce offspring, but a multicellular organism like a plant or animal uses asexual reproduction to grow. Animals use mitosis to duplicate the original zygote chromosomes and produce a cell similar to that of the original. Mitosis in 4 parts During these parts, the DNA becomes chromosomes, The chromosomes line up in the middle, rhe chromosomes are pulled apart half on one side half on the other, and a new nucleus surrounds the new chromosomes that unravel back to DNA. After this process cytokinesis comes and pinches the apart with either an actin filament or a cell plate. The difference between cytokinesis and the final stage of binary fission is that the cells still touch after cytokinesis.


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