Hot Zone Part 4

Hot Zone Part 4

What did you think about the reading?

This was the last section in the book and I was really excited to see how everything was going to tie up and see the grand conclusion. I saw this section as the answer to all the questions that have been bothering me throughout the first three sections. Although these were my expectations I didn’t get the grand closure that I was looking for. The author went into a lot of details about his adventures and tours and mentioned very little the burning questions that have been left unanswered. I feel like he wrote the fourth section as like a very slow way to end his book. I who expected a lot of action and a big explosion at the end was very surprised to see how the author ended it. While this made the book even harder to finish because it was not as action packed as the last two sections. Although I understand why the author wrote his book like this, he left many unanswered questions for the reader to be left with the impression of the book even longer. I really like the last couple pages of the book. It spends time describing what has become of the monkey house and it ends in a twist of fear assuring the reader that Ebola will be back with a vengeance. 

What did you learn?

Like every section of the book I learn many interesting and cool things. One thing I really liked was the part of the elephants dealing with the kitum cave. The mother elephants teach their babies to go into the cave and scratch up against the rock so that the salt will fall and then they can later eat it. I find it fascinating how a creature can even know how to do that let alone teach a new born baby to follow in the same foot steps. My favorite ting I learned was how the author said that emergence of AIDS and Ebola along with other deadly diseases are all due to the destruction of our plant. The author accurately drew a connection from why all these diseases emerged from the tropical rainforest at once. With the disturbance of our environment and the damages made to our ecosystem, certain virus emerge through all these environmental damages.

Do you have any questions?

I find it very funny that the military and the CDC take every single precaution to ensure that Ebola doesn’t come back and then they leave the monkey house just there still filled with monkey secretes. Why haven’t they destroyed it? Also what will it take for the Ebola virus to come back? If it does will it come back with a vengeance like the author implies ? 


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