Hot Zone: Part 4

The last section of this novel did not give me the closure I was hoping for pertaining to the virus. I think this section had the least action, which was upsetting because the problem of this virus was never truly solved by section three so I thought this section would have a major conclusion. The narrator gave a lot of information on Africa and told stories of his tour guide there, but only a few pages were dedicated to him actually going into Kitum Cave, the original location of the virus. The book ended in suspense when the narrator went back to explaining the current state of the monkey house, (which I don’t understand why the building is not destroyed). He tells how vines are now growing into the building and it looks like a rainforest. Based on how the book tells how many viruses originate in the rainforest, I think that was foreshadowing that the disease may return to Reston. 


Overall, The Hot Zone was an intriguing, informative, and entertaining read. For the most part it had perfect proportions of action, gore, suspense, and scientific fact. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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