Littoral Zone Organisms: Crabs


In the photo above, a crab crawls around its man-made environment in a tank in the middle of an aquarium. Normally, this crab would be living in its natural habitat of the ocean. Crabs are one of the many marine and aquatic organisms that inhabit the littoral zone of the ocean. The littoral zone, or intertidal zone,  is the area of the ocean in which the land and sea meet and clash together. This area is often formed due to a constant flux of high and low tide zones. This complex ecosystem is found along many of the coastlines that make up many oceans today. The littoral zone generally extends from the high water marks to shoreline areas that may be partially submerged in the water. In this ecosystem and area, many marine animals carry out their lifestyles. The types of animals that  live in this area are ones that can handle amounts of time without being in the water. These animals are usually stationary. However, many animals, such as crabs, are mobile and move throughout the wet and dry environments. Together, these animals make up a complex ecosystem.

-Jude Alawa


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