Welcome to the not so exciting world of plants. Plants, in my opinion, are the most boring kingdom, however they are the easiest to take a photo of because they are commoon and don’t move. Since this big tree wasa little sprout sticking out of the ground it had meristems. What are meristems, you ask. Well meristems are the areas where plant growth takes place. Since this plant grows, it is assumed it has meristems. But, crazyy botanists (the guys who like to stidy plants) don’t care about all the mersitems they really only care about the apical meristems. Apical meristems are the ones that divide rapidly and give the most growth. Remember, rapidly on the cellular scale is rather slow on the organism scale. There are two forms of apical meristems: shoot apical meristems and root apical meristems. Shoot apical meistems produce all the tissues in the shoot system of the plants. The shoot system is all the leaves, the bark, and the flowers. These are all very different and differentiated, but the shoot apical meristems are not differentiated at all in order to be a prerequisite to any of the three. The root apical meristems produce much less than the shoot apical meristems. They produce the roots, root hairs, and root cap. The root hairs are elongated cells on the outside of roots for collecting water, the roots are the transporting tube, and the root cap is what protects the root apical meristems. These systems are just as differentiated as the shoot system is, so the root apical meristems must also be as undifferentiated as the shoot system is.


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by | August 17, 2012 · 8:35 pm

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