Have you heard of the science experiment where the amateur scientst swabs different household objects to find out which one has the most bacteria? If you haven’t, let me bethe first to tell you that one of the most famous bacteria harvesting spots, is on your housephone.Yes a housphone photographed right there has a ton of bacteria on it. Bacteria are a group of unicellular prokaryotic organisms. Prokaryotic is very specific. In order to be prokaryotic, your cells, must have no true nucleus and no separation of organelles. This system of “organizing” is terrible. Whithout separation of areas everything is done in a huge blob very uneffeciently. THis limits the cells to be very small. However, this may be a bad organizing system, but it could be worse. Just becase the prokaryote does not have a true nucleus does not mean that it doesn’t mean it just scatters DNA everywhere. In fact instead of a true nucleus with a nuclear membrane there is a nucleoid region where all the DNA is sotred in the open. While this doesn’t protect the DNA very well, it does do an okay jo of organizing it.


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by | August 17, 2012 · 9:01 pm

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