Seed Dispersal


The photograph above depicts a bush containing a berry. In fact, if one were to visualize the whole bush, it would be covered in hundreds of berries. These berries contain many seeds that give rise to various plants. Berries are one of the many mechanisms in which plants disperse their seeds to new and distant environments. Seed dispersal involves the transportation of of seeds away from the parent plant. Plants rely heavily upon dispersal vectors because plants are immobile organisms. Therefore, they have no personal way of dispersing their seeds. Seeds can be dispersed in a variety of ways including wind, water, animals, and humans. For example, if a bird came and took a berry from a plant and then deposited it in the form of feces in a distant environment, the seeds would be dispersed into a new environment. Usually, when seeds go through an organism’s digestive system, they come out untouched and not ruptured in any way. All these mechanisms for seed dispersal aid plants in spreading their seeds to new and distant habitats.

-Jude Alawa


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