The Hot Zone – Part 4

THIS IS THE END… Of these book posts, anyways. 

I feel that Preston’s ending to the book was very appropriate. Finally, we heard him in first person. Well, read. 

Ending the novel where it began gave it a wrapped-up sort of feel. Although in this entire part of the novel I felt as if Preston was the awkward kid who did not know the language and didn’t fit in, I accepted it as something that couldn’t be helped.

As usual, the last section of this part stood out to me. Well, it made me a little more paranoid then I already was. I already have to worry about mysterious white vans at night… and now I have to worry that the Earth’s immune system is working to get rid of us?! If Preston was trying to convince any woman who reads his book to NEVER have children, he did his job. 

I learnt about all the wildlife that can be present in such a small habitat. I learnt about the spread of AIDS and HIV and all the animals who could be carriers of deadly viruses.

As for questions, I don’t have any new ones, simply the ones I had before.


All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. However gruesome it became, it was still interesting and was like doughnuts to my brain… Basically, I enjoyed that it made me think and it taught me more about topics I was clueless about.


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