The Survival of the Sickest Part 4

The ending of the book was fascinating as always. The book was full of information I never knew about and educated with exciting researches and its findings. This last part that I read was about genetic suppression and childhood obesity. I was shocked to find out that kids have almost a coin toss chance at developing diabetes and that sixty percent of obese kids show a risk factor for heart disease. I also learned about the fat yellow mouse experiment and found it very interesting how the gene was suppressed. This DNA methylation occurs when a compound called a methyl group binds to a gene and changes the way that gene expresses itself without actually changing the DNA. Because the offspring of two fat yellow mice parents came out to be thin and brown, it had genes that switched-off the agouti gene that increases the rates of diabetes and cancer, which now has lower rate of cancer and diabetes. These new information entertained me throughout the whole book. 

The last part of the book was also about cancer cells and childbirth. Out of all the rare genetic disorder, I got to learn about progeria syndrome. It is very rare, and children who have progeria age at up to ten times the speed of people without it. At age one and a half, the babies with progeria begin to have wrinkles and have their hair fall out. It is very tragic and not fair. 

Reading these fascinating stuff got me into reading this book. I have no question.


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