The Hot Zone Part 3

The preparations for the monkey house are finishing up. the team gathered all the bio hazard suits, euthanization and and lab tools that they would need for the mission. They seemed so prepared on the technical side of the mission yet they forgot things like food and proper break area for the military personnel. The flimsiness of the biohazard suits still surprised and disturbed me slightly, they were even patching up what was supposed to be a level 4 suit with simple tape. The way they flushed out the rest of the virus with gas using the bacteria to see if the whole warehouse had been gassed was interesting for me, yet i still didn’t understand why they did not kill the monkeys with the gas in the first place. True it would not be the most humane way of killing the animals but with a virus that could potentially kill large amounts of humans, i would think the benefits out-way the somewhat less humane killing of the monkeys. 

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