The Hot Zone: Part One Impression

What did you think about the reading?

After reading the first of four parts of this book I, cannot seem to put the book down. Even before beginning the book I knew that this book would be filled with gruesome details and unimaginable imagery, but I was still shocked to witness how detailed the author described each character and setting that came up as the plot progressed. The author amazingly thrills the reader at the beginning of the story with the terrifying story of Charles Monet and his disturbing death. Even though some of the descriptions seemed rather excessive and unimaginably disgusting the book still kept me curious to find out what else is yet to come. The author manipulates his use of vivid detail and imagery to accomplish to major goals: the first is to effectively prove how deadly this virus is and the second is to keep the reader attached to the plot. Some examples of the author using disturbing ideas and details to achieve his goals is when he describes how Charles Monet bleeds out of every orifice in the body and strangely pukes black vomit.  I could not stop reading wanted to keep reading because I interested to find out how many other people get the virus and what else happens to those people. When Nancy Jaax met the Ebola virus in the Level 4 Bio-Safety Area, I was worried that she would be affected the virus. But she was saved by the lining of her gloves. The author connected the story together when he began to elaborate about USAMIID, which then connected the plot. Besides all the interesting descriptive moments of the plot I didn’t particularly enjoy reading about the history of the virus.

What did you learn?

I learned about the setting and the general wildlife of the novel’s setting. So far I have learned a lot of history of the virus. I also learned how easy it is to catch such a deadly virus in unsanitary environments. I learned how deadly the Ebola virus really is since it kills nine out of ten people. I was surprised to learn how simple the virus is in a molecular perspective, despite the fact that it is so deadly. The virus is only made out of seven proteins.

What questions do you still have?

I still am curious about how Ebola actually infects its target and why it moved back into the jungle and forest rather than travelling towards the city. I am also curious to find out how the spacesuits are so effective. How exactly do spacesuits work. I know that there are chemicals in the spacesuits, but how do the chemicals not affect the user or the spacesuit itself.


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