The Hot Zone: Part Two Impression

What did you think about the reading?

This part was much better than the previous part, simply because the first part was partially focused on introducing the characters, setting, and history of the virus. Part Two was primarily focused on the plot of the novel, and it didn’t digress into the boring history of particular viruses and concepts. The author also relied on suspense to keep me intrigued in what was to occur next. For example, as soon as the author started to talk about the monkeys reaching Reston I immediately thought that there would be a huge outbreak of either Ebola or Marburg or possibly both. As I continued to read the part I started to see different characters come together to combat a similar problem. For example I realized how Dan Dalgard, Geisbert, and Jahlring play into the same plot since they are all trying to find a cure for the diseases. The part also emphasized how much attention the deadly viruses were receiving from the science community. I also gained curiosity when the author connected the CDC and USAMIID to emphasize how much of a big deal these diseases are. At the end of the part I could tell that the monkey house will turn into a Level 4 Area. I am curious to find out how much trouble the media will be for the agencies to keep the entire issue confidential.

What did you learn?

I learned how pathologists and other virus researchers investigate samples of a particular virus or disease and diagnose them accordingly. I also learned how agencies such as USAMIID deal with deadly viruses. I learned about some of the many symptoms of some of the deadly diseases. I understood how the diseases are capable of being transmitted and how pathologists perform testing for various diseases. I also learned how pathologist and other scientists test disease samples in flasks with living culture cells.

What questions do you still have?

I am curious to know how are the USAMIID scientists capable of making sure the disease does not break out in Washington. I also am curious why the USAMIID would not wasn’t the media to know about a deadly disease. Wouldn’t the media be able to warn people of their surroundings thus preventing more deaths?

This book is extremely interesting and unique.


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