Survival of the sickest part 3

The book continues to interest me. I found the little dragon, or guinea worm, extremely interesting. The parasite grows inside of a person until it reaches the surface of the skin and makes a pore. The pore bothers the person until that person naturally tries to comfort his/herself by washing the pore with water. What this person doesn’t know is that they will die if they do so. There were many interesting cases in this chapter, such as the wasp that basically uses a spider as a host for is offspring so that the offspring can grow while it feeds of its host. The lancet liver fluke , T. gondii, and the pinworm are some of the other things mentioned in this chapter that I learned of. Edward Jenner became the first person to discover a vaccine when he observed that people who got cowpox, could not get smallpox, so he purposefully infected teens with smallpox. I also learned of Cain’s idea that an organism could somehow select which part of its genome should be affected by jumping gene if a certain mutation was needed. I have no questions on the book so far.


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