Survival of the Sickest: Post 2

What did you think about the reading?

I think that this book is structured very well; it moves from varied subjects between each of the chapters. The chapters are long and packed with loads of information, but are short enough that it doesn’t become boring.

What did you learn?

I learned that rickets, which leads to improper bone growth and deformity in children due to Vitamin D deficiencies, was a huge deal in the early 20th century and that it’s the reason why our milk is fortified with vitamin D. I also (sadly) learned of the syndrome called Asian Flush. Apparently it’s when your heart races, you burn up, and you blush. This of course happens a lot to Asians and there’s a fifty percent chance it might happen to me, which will probably be embarassing. Up until now, I had never heard of Favism, which is said to be the most common enzyme deficiency in the world.

What questions do you still have?

I would like to know more about free radicals.The explanation of how the electrons pair in the wrong places, which disrupts cellular chemistry was sufficient during the reading but I’m would like to know it clearer.


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