The Hot Zone: Part 4

This final part of the book was very interesting. The author is visiting the areas that he wrote about in the book, and so the book has basically come full circle. I knew he wouldn’t contract a virus from Kitum cave because he had to be alive to publish the book. The background of the area that the author gives was also interesting, including the theory that elephants may have created Kitum cave. Again, I am wondering just how the virus could have transferred to Charles monet from the cave, and the author thinks it may have been transferred through spider bites. The most interesting part for me was the theory the author presents that viruses might be the earth’s immune response to the human species. This was the most thought provoking. The human species has increased from 5 billion to 7 billion since the publishing of the book, meaning humans have definitely been exploiting it. And the idea that the earth and nature are finding ways of killing of humans with viruses is terrifying. The last sentence of the book was also terrifying. “it will come back”. I wonder if in the 18 years since passed the publishing of the book if any other similar situations have occurred that potentially could have killed a vast amount of humans. 


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