bio summer pics 004

bio summer pics 004

Homeostasis is balance. Balance being an organism regulating its internal conditions, such as temperature, to be in equilibrium. The point of this is to stabilize health and functioning no matter how much the environment around you changes. In human homeostasis the body attempts to regulate internal temperature to try and stay around 98 degrees. An example of this is perspiration. The body secretes water and uric acid to evaporate and cool the body down. The picture above is of a lizard. Lizards have to keep their internal temperature constant by reacting to outside temperature changes. Since they are cold blooded they must hide in shade or water to cool down.

Animal that has a segmented body
All arthropods have segmented bodies. Spiders are arthropods called arachnids. The picture above is of a tarantula. Spiders have a body segmented into two parts; the appendages on one and the spinnerets on the other. All arthropods have exoskeletons and the segmented body divides the body into sections to perform different tasks.


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