bio summer pics 016

bio summer pics 016

Stigma and Style of a Carpel
The stigma of a flower receives pollen from pollinators during pollination. The pollen grain germinates on the sticky surface of the stigma which is adapted to collect pollen in different ways. Pollen is trapped by the stigma from the air, insects or animals, and sometimes the water. Stigma appearances range from long and slender to feathery. They also rehydrate the dry pollen and help the pollen tube germinate. Stigmas also discriminate against different types of pollen. They reject pollen from plants similar to them to ensure genetic variation. The style of a carpel connects the stigma to the ovaries. The always tube-like styles hold in them the pollen tube essential for the pollen to reach the ovaries. The picture above shows some flowers with stigmas and styles.


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