Predation: Spider


The unlucky ant in the picture is about to be dinner for this spider. Spiders ingest nutrients through predation, an interaction between species when one species eats another, like the spider eating the ant. Despite both being relatively close in the phylogenetic tree, the spider enjoys his ants covered with its own web (The ant must have a silky feel and a crunchy taste). Spiders and other predators must use predation in order to attain nutrients from an ecosystem. However, energy travels up the food chin. Suppose the sun is shining, and a leaf is performing photosynthesis, the leaf receives 100% of energy. The ant eats the leaf, and receives 10% of the energy. When the spider eats this ant, it receives 1% of the energy, the blade of grass would have received. However this is the way predation works, so all different kinds of organisms that pursue prey are able to acquire energy through an ecosystem.

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